Our Mission

Building New Worlds

 “Society grows great when old men plant trees whose shade they know they shall never sit in.” – Unknown  

Our mission is the ultimate manifestation of this ideal. LunarHab was created to ensure human presence’s continued, permanent expansion beyond Earth through innovative habitat construction technology. First, the Moon, then the outer planets, for one purpose – ensuring the preservation and expansion of life beyond our precious home for 10,000 generations yet to come.


To achieve stellar migration and the human experience. Humanity has always longed to discover the unknown. For the first time in Earth’s history, life has the power to make its destiny. Our core value is that Earth is exceptionally rare. Humanity’s great responsibility is to preserve and protect life, ensuring it expands throughout the universe.


LunarHab technology is unique and is the only technology which uses lunar materials exclusively. The current inefficient approach of human colonization of the solar system is analogous to the early pioneers in the United States. As those pioneers moved West, they did not build their homes in the East and transport their fully finished homes to the West; they traveled West bringing only their tools. Upon arrival to their settlement area, they constructed their habitats using locally sourced materials in the form of logs from local trees and sod and mud to create bricks. Unlike the method currently used today; building habitats on Earth, and launch them to space, LunarHab will revolutionize space colonization through construction using only locally sourced resources on the Moon.